Old images revisited

I was going through my old photos and I stumbled across this one.  I like it quite a bit.

It's a picture on a 10/100 Linksys ISA card that I installed in my desktop computer.  I tool the picture with a Toshiba PDRM70 3MP digital camera, back on 2000-07-29.  As I recall, I took the picture because I needed some numbers from the chips for some sort of tech support type of reason.

I hesitate to call it a Macro image because I don't think I was using those settings.  And I didn't put in the kind of effort that would be expected for "Macro Photography."

I think it does demonstrate the importance of going back and looking at old images from time-to-time.  What seemed dull then, may have become fascinating or beautiful over the ears, or with new eyes.

Do you have favorite image from the past that you only recently rediscovered?

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