I think I'm back on track with posting

My blogging declined a bit this month.  That's been frustrating for me because I really want to get a post live every other day.  I've got some time off work now so I fully expect to burn out my word processor stringing together thoughts and words that I find mildly amusing.  I've got a lengthy list of things I plan to write about.  The key thing is to see if I can execute that plan.

So what happened this past month or so?

I'm not sure.  The pace of stuff at work has picked up, but I've also spent less time in planes, so that balances out.

One thing that has changed is the nature of my work.  I'm writing more -- both a quasi-internal blog for one of my employer's customers and creating more technology training content.  

It leads me to wonder if there are a maximum number of words I can write in a month.  If I use up all my words writing for work, does that mean there are fewer available for my blog?  Are words like WWII food rationing stamps?

Or is writing more like spells in a role playing game?  Does writing consume mana so that once I've written a bunch of stuff, I may be able to do other tasks, but writing simply will not happen until my mana refreshes itself and I can cast my "BLOG!" spell again?

Or perhaps it's just a sign that I should spend less time on Fark, and more time looking at a blank screen.  

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Tina said...

For me, writing leads to more writing. The act of writing charges my writing battery. Now, if I could only get a jump start.