My fix for problems with Firefox 3.613

I had to prep a new laptop recently, and wanted to put Firefox on it.  I'm not sure why; I've prettey much abandoned it for Chrome, but it still seemed like a good idea.

I downloaded the latest version (3.613) from the Mozilla website, installed it, and tried to launch the application. It wouldn't launch.  Instead it just crashed on startup.  I tried it several times and had no luck.  I did get it to launch in safe mode, but that's no fun.

I tried rebooting, uninstalling, reinstalling, redownloading, and kept getting the same result.

Finally, I uninstalled it one more time, then I sought out Firefox 3.5.  I found it and installed that version. Once I launched it, it prompted me to upgrade to 3.6.  I chose that option, installed the upgrade, and it finally worked.

Short version of the story?  Download the earlier version of Firefox, install it, upgrade to the newer version, and have fun surfing.


Junk Drawer Kathy said...

I had a similar problem with the new version of Thunderbird. Had to totally uninstall it and rename the profile to "old profile." Only then would the program close itself properly. Stupid. Glad you got your issue fixed. I'm a fan of Firefox, but I just started using Opera for testing and I quite like it. Chrome flakes out sometimes.

none said...

I do like the EntreCard toolbar for Firefox. My only complaint is that it slows down after opening a hundred or so blogs. Perhaps it stores so much information that it gets bogged down?

Cromely said...

@Junk Drawer Kathy: I've never been able to get into Opera -- the art or the browser. I can appreaciate that both of them are, in fact, good things, but whenever I expereince them, they just fail to grab me.

I started using Chrome in my hard-core Entrecard days. I could open a whole bunch of blogs at once and a flaky one wouldn't bring my whole system down since each tab ran its own process. I still used Firefox for most other things.

In the past year, though, I've gradually switched more to Chrome without really thinking about it.

I'm glad you recovered your Thunderbird files. That would be frustrating to have to rebuild that. One of these days, I'm going to have to take another shot at recovering an old Eudora file from the mid-90s. Then maybe I'll tackle that old AOL file.

@Doug Kueffler: I've heard that Firefox had issues with memory leaks, but that may have been an older version. I never used the Entrecard tool bar much. It just never fit in well with my workflow.