Importance of Audio

On an episode of Leo Laporte's "This Week in Google," Becky Worley said, "As a TV producer I can tell you that people will always forgive you bad video; they will never forgive you bad audio."

As an audience member, I agree, yet it still seems counterintuitive.  The latest advances in consumer electronics tout advances in video quality -- whether it's 3D or HD.  Often audio improvements go along with that, but they don't get nearly the headlines.  We are, by nature, highly visual critters.

While we might tolerate a fuzzy display, staticy audio, or audio that's too quiet, will put us over the edge. Is it odd that something so important is also so often overlooked?

It's an important reminder when making home videos or work related training content that I need to focus more on the audio.  If the video isn't perfect, people may shrug it off.  If the audio is bad, I'll just make them angry.

Becky's statement makes a lot of sense to me.  Are we right?

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