Large Soda

On Friday, the GF and I went to the KFC / Taco Bell drive-thru.  I placed our order and asked for a large Diet Pepsi.  The guy on the other end asked if we wanted to upgrade that to their new "jug" size which is a half gallon.  I said yes without actually allocating the brain cycles to realize what I had just bought.  I occured to me as I pulled up to the window that that's the size of milk container, not a tasty snack to go with Tacos.

It didn't quite register until he handed me this, and I took it with two hands.

2011-01-30 Taco Bell Cup (2)

This soda container is so obnoxiously big, they built a handle into the rim.  It has a spout on it that is probably intended for pouring because it's hard to come by straws big enough.  I don't think it's meant for in-vehicle consumption, because it's not like it will fit in the cupholder.  It might be entertaining to watch a driver try to drink out of the this spout -- especially if there are speed bumps around.  And as long as I am far away or ensconced behind a protective barrier.

2011-01-30 Taco Bell Cup (1)

64 fluid ounces is a lot of beverage. If you have trouble wrapping your head around that, this may help you grasp the size. 

Here it is next to some sauce packets and a Caramel Apple Empanada:

2011-01-30 Taco Bell Cup (3)

Here it is next to a non-empanada-ed apple:

2011-01-30 Taco Bell Cup (5)

And here it is next to an Apple iPod:

2011-01-30 Taco Bell Cup (6)

Knowing that this monstrosity exists kind of apalls me, but at they same time, it just makes me so happy with its sheer absurdity.


Vera said...

Apalls and absurdity - two words that I don't use everyday, but i'd have to say appropriate for this situation! That is too much soda for one person!

Cromely said...

@Vera: It's like if Costco has a drive thru.