Sit or Stand

On Saturday, the GF and I saw Cake in concert at the Moore Theater.  She's a big fan and tries to catch them whenever the come to Seattle. I enjoyed the show, too, and I learned that Cake actually did the theme song for Chuck which makes them even cooler.

Most concerts feature either sitting crowds or standing crowds.  It's not uncommon for the seats at a show to be nothing more than place holders for people's stuff while they stand in front of their chair and bop along to whatever they are hearing.

At other shows, people will sit back and sing along in their chairs.

The Cake show had a pretty good mix of the two. Generally, I prefer a sitting crowd.  I'd rather not stand the whole time, and no one should see me dancing, anyway. But I don't begrudge the standers at a concert. At a movie, sure.  A Broadway show? Of course. But at a rock concert?  C'mon. It's a rock show.

A few people stood in front of us, but neither the GF nor I were in much of a standing mood. For a few songs that meat our view was completely blocked by parents and teenagers.  For other songs, our view was partially block by just dancing teenagers.  Mildly annoying, but okay.

The old, big guy sitting next to me didn't seem to agree. First of all, if you're a big guy who only kind of fits in your seat, then you should take off that puffy jacket. After all , it's not like it's cold in the crowded theater.

About half  way through the show, he had enough and yelled at the girls in front of him to sit down because he couldn't see. The woman behind him thanked him. The girls sat down, crest fallen.  They would stand up again for the last couple of songs.

So, was he wrong?  Were the girls wrong?

Where do you stand -- or sit -- on the concert standing or sitting at a rock concert issue?

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