Episode 058 -- Schedule Practice and 3 Myths and 1 Mindset for Nervous Speakers



2-Minute Tip: Schedule Your Practice


We mean well. We put "practice" and "rehearse" on our To Do lists. Unfortunately, that often gets bumped by other, more urgent matters. Or meetings get scheduled in our open blocks of time.


That's why it's important to schedule practice time on your calendar. Set up a meeting with yourself to rehearse. Reserve a conference room if you don't have a private office.


When you have practice actually on your calendar, you are more likely to actually do it and less likely to have that time stolen away by another meeting.



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Post Tip Discussion: 3 Myths and 1 Mindset for Nervous Speakers



There is a lot of advice out there to help speakers deal with stage fright or fear of speaking. Some of it is good. Some of it is really bad.


Here are 3 Myths about dealing with nerves:


  • You should have a drink.
  • You should imagine the audience naked.
  • You should skip practice.


These are all terrible ideas. They are unlikely to be effective, and ultimately you want to be effective to land your message or inspire folks to take a particular action.


An excellent way to deal with nerves is to shift your mindset and remember it's not about you.


It's about your audience, and that's where you ought to focus. Your audience wants you to succeed. They want to have a good experience and get value out of your talk. That's why they are there.


Keep your focus on the audience and value you are delivering.


Because it's not about you.



Call To Action:


  • How do you deal with nerves? Tell us about it in the comments below.
  • Schedule practice time for your next talk.
  • Don't get best…get better

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