Episode 011 -- Meet Robyn Weiss

"Put your life into our rehab, not the other way around."

-- Robyn Weiss

Rehab Without Walls

RRobyn Weiss Headshotobyn Weiss is a licensed PT, former Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, and currently the Community Relations Manager for the Pacific Northwest Region of Rehab Without Walls.

Rehab Without Walls is a transitional therapy organization that helps stroke survivors move from inpatient care to living at home before going to outpatient care. They do PT, OT, Speech Therapy, social work, and more.

Rehab Without Walls logo

In my case, that meant PT Elisa, PT Aide Cory, and OT Micayla would comer to my apartment for 90 minute sessions last summer after I left the hospital. We completed important community living exercises like walking to Top Pot Donuts and Starbucks.

Robyn is a passionate advocate for the program and for its mission. In this episode we talk about her background and the value she sees in Rehab Without Walls.

Hack of the Week

Robyn explained that sitting down doesn't have to mean doing nothing except experiencing back pain. By simply putting a step, block, or other item under your desk or in front of your couch, you can stretch your hamstrings and make the work a bit. Simply rest your feet on a small platform to lift your knees a bit so your thighs point up.

Where do we go from here?

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  • Rest your feet on a platform as you sit at your desk.
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