Episode 066 -- Practice in the Shower and Meet Mario Porreca


2-Minute Tip: Practice in the Shower


The shower can be a great place to practice your talk. It's a comfortable, warm environment. You don't need to pay too much attention to your other activities. You are less likely to be distracted by other folks and tasks. In general, the environment really helps you shift your mindset in a way that allows you to mentally prepare and visualize yourself conducting a great presentation. 


Plus, it also forces you to go through your content without using your slides (just because you can take a waterproof laptop in there doesn't mean you should).


Meet Mario Porreca

We're all Unique. We're all perfect at our core. We all have something to bring to the world. What is your something?

-- Mario Porreca


Mario Porreca joins us this week. Mario Porreca is a performer, chef, author, TV personality, speaker, and mindset performance strategist. Mario’s main focus is coaching busy achievers to align their mindset, purpose, and passion to experience life at a deeper more profound level. You can learn more about his background here. Or, of course, listen to this week's episode.


Failure is something that we construct in our own minds because we didn't meet our own expectations.

-- Mario Porreca


Mario's focus is on mindset and how important it is to redefine how you look at yourself in order to achieve, and more importantly, maintain success. With work, practice, and the right mindset, a speaker can achieve a level of peak state performance where the message flows through the speaker on stage. At those moments, presenting can almost become a meditative practice, allowing us to connect with a deeper part of ourselves as we share our message and serve our audience.


What I like about this conversation is that the things we talk about will resonate with the new speaker who is nervous about the stage, with tips on letting the message through and dealing with nerves, and with the experienced speaker at home on the stage who wants to understand more about their own on-stage experience. Plus, what happens when your presentation results in the fire department showing up?


Mario's 10-Minute Mindset podcast is a daily show designed to help folks get ready for the day and take immediate steps toward achieving their goals.


Plus, Mario is a Billy Joel fan, which is awesome.


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Our greatest need as human beings is to act consistently with who we believe we are.

-- Mario Porreca


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