Episode 057 -- Golf After Stroke


Some months back, on my other show, 2-Minute Talk Tips, I interviewed speaker and coach Pat Roque about speaking and her fascinating journey. I'd encourage you to check that out over at 2minutetalktips.com/rockon. After that conversation, Pat and I continued talking and she told me I needed to talk with Gianna Rojas about the work we were each doing.

Gianna Rojas swings a golf club with her right hand. She has no fingers on her left.Gianna Rojas is the One Handed Lady Golfer. Gianna was born with no fingers on her left hand, which makes golf challenging. Still, as an adult, she wanted to learn so she did.

Now, Gianna runs AdaptiveGolfers.org where she and her team help stroke survivors and other folks with disabilities get back on the course, doing the thing they love -- playing golf.

Gianna runs clinics in NJ and travels the country promoting Adaptive Golf.

Key Facts about Gianna



*USA Disabled Golf Team - Global Tour

*Division winner of the 2017/2018 Para Long Drive Cup – Legends, Myrtle Beach SC, Par Tee - Columbia, SC

*Division winner of the 2018 Adaptive Long Drive – Barefoot Resort and Golf, No. Myrtle Beach SC



*2018/2019 LPGA Woman's Network - Charity Partner

*2019 PGA Magazine Woman's Leadership Platform

*20172018/2019 Director of Global

Brand Awareness United States Adaptive Golf Alliance

*Advisory Board and Speakers Bureau for the National Alliance of Accessible Golf

*Volunteer for the United States Disable Golf Association



*2018/2019 PGA Merchandise Show - Initiator ADAPTIVE GOLF CENTER, Speaker, and Adaptive Player Development Educational Track

*2017/2018 World Amateur Championships Exhibitor

*2017/2018/2019 ABILITIES Expo Speaker, Presenter and Exhibitor


*2018 LPGA Top 22 Women “Disruptors” in the Golf Industry https://lpgawomensnetwork.com/meet-the-disruptors-the-women-who-are-spearheading-a-revolution-in-golf/

Thoughts on Golf

As I've mentioned before, I'm not exactly athletic. Most of my golf experience involves neon balls and tiny windmills. But it is a part of many survivors lives.

A stroke doesn't have to mean our involvement with sports is over. A few months ago, I talked with US Air Force Academy Tennis Coach Dan Oosterhous about his life and he continues coaching tennis. You can find that episode at http://strokecast.com/dan. This week, we hear from Gianna. And next week in episode 058, We'll hear from Carol-Ann Nelson about Adventure Rehab Vacations. In short, there are lots of reasons and ways for stroke survivors to get out of the house and in to outdoor activities this Spring and Summer

More than the athletic aspect of golf, though, is the strong social aspect of the game of golf. It's a sport that's built around chatting with your opponents.

It also a sports that has strong cultural and business ties, at least in the US. Folks who don't golf can find themselves shut out of many business socializing and deal making opportunities.

That's why getting back out on the course can be so important for a golf-loving stroke survivor. Or even for the survivor just looking for a new hobby. It's got physical, cognitive, social, cultural, and economic advantages.

And the work Gianna is doing to get folks access to those advantages is fantastic.

Hack of the Week

Getting dressed with disabilities can take way too much time. Fortunately, Adaptive Clothing is a thing now.

Most folks are already familiar with Velcro shoes. All the shoes I use theses days feature Velcro. You can even find sneakers with faux lace closures now that are powered by Velcro.

It goes beyond that, though. A search for adaptive clothing will turn up a significant variety of clothes designed to accommodate a wide assortment of functionality.

You don't have to settle for tradition clothing.


Adaptive Golfers


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Quantum Grip


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The R & A






Bill interviews Pat Roque


Bill Interviews Dan Oosterhous


USGA/R&A announce participation in world ranking for disabled golfers



Where do we go from here?

  • Encourage the PGA and LPGA to make Adaptive Golf part of their continuing education requirements.
  • Check out Gianna's links and resources by visiting the section above.
  • Share this episode with the golf fan in your life by giving them the link Strokecast.com/golf
  • Don't get best…get better


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