Episode 103 -- Brandin' buildin' and Boomin' with Joe Apfelbaum

2-Minute Tip: Practice


To be successful, there is no substitution for preparation. Practice. Rehearse. Prepare. And then practice some more.


When you see speakers who make it look easy -- who effortlessly string together words and phrases and jokes and more -- it's usually not off the cuff. It's because they've practiced. Put in the time and know your stuff cold so that you can come up with it seamlessly when it's time to speak.


That's one of the beautiful things about speaking. It's not magic. It's just work.


On a related note, check out the documentary Comedian on Netflix. It's about the work and process that Jerry Seinfeld went through to develop a new set. It looks effortless when you see the final set, but it can take a year to get there -- even when you've been doing your trade for decades.


Post Tip Discussion: Brandin' buildin' and Boomin' with Joe Apfelbaum


Joe Apelbaum is a high-energy force of nature, and that really comes through in this episode.


Joe's professional focus is on B2B or Business to Business marketing, which is something many folks don't think about. He has built a large following and expertise on LinkedIn that you should definitely check out there.


Joe also just launched a new course dedicated to Social Selling. You can find it here.




Joe Apfelbaum headshotJoe Apfelbaum is the CEO of Ajax Union, a B2B digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn, NY. Joe is a business strategist, marketing expert and certified Google trainer. Joe enjoys speaking and writing about marketing, business networking and personal development in his seminars, webinars and articles.


Joe is the host of the popular podcasts The Breakthrough Maze. Joe is the Author of 3 books including High Energy Secrets his most recent book about how he lost 95 pounds and does flying selfies.  He is the producer of GrowTime.tv and has published over 500 Mojovational Street Talk videos on YouTube.


Joe is a contributing member of Entrepreneurs Organization in Brooklyn, a group with over 12,000 CEO’s and an active member of Executives Association, a premiere business networking organization in NYC.


Joe is a selfie master, he takes 1000 selfies a year with entrepreneurs and makes hundreds of introductions to business professionals in his network.


Joe is proud of all his accomplishments, but most of all he is proud of his purpose, his beautiful amazing kids.




In this episode, one of the things I'd like you to listen for is Joe's pattern of speech. He uses a lot of repetition and parallel structure to make his points and it just sounds natural and powerful. I talked about these techniques back in Episode 10 and 35


It takes practice to do this effectively, and the best way to get better at that is to do it.


Another lesson besides preparing and rehearsing is that when it comes to speaking you just have to get out and do it. And do it again. And do it some more.




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