Ep 129 -- Medieval Times to CEO with Morgan Lopes

2-Minute Tip: Slow Down


Many speakers take the stage with their adrenaline pumping as the try to stifle their nerves or live in the exciting moment. Many times, they end up speaking to quickly. So try to slow down.


When we speak, we are often excited about, or at least familiar with, our topic. Our tendency is to go quickly over the basic stuff.


But the reason folks are in our audience is that they don’t know this stuff. They are likely hearing it for the first time. They are trying to digest and process this information as you speak. They are looking at your slides, too.


So slow down a bit. Give every word a chance to sink in. And use a varied pace to truly land your key points.


Post Tip Discussion: Meet Morgan Lopes

Morgan Lopes got his start in public speaking riding a horse and wearing a cape at dinner time.


He’s gone on to be CEO of one company and CTO of another — telling stories and working to change the world.


Some of the key things we talk about are managing his multiple roles, the importance of the niche, and the power of story.




Morgan Lopes headshot

As a software engineer and entrepreneur, Morgan Lopes pursues deliberate, consistent progress over time as life’s greatest growth strategy. Regardless of his job titles, leadership is a choice not a rank. Morgan strives to make that choice daily and challenges others to do the same.


Polar Notion. Cofounded in 2012


New Story (YS S15).


A human centered software from design to development and beyond.


Joined as Chief Technology Officer in 2016


Ending survival mode through home construction and global housing innovation.


3-Keys to Running Multiple Companies


  1. Disciple — Morgan keeps a tight schedule, gets up early and goes to bed early. He respects the importance of sleep, and refuses to let email take control of his day.
  2. Communication — Frequent and deliberate communication with team members is essential to keeping everyone on the same page. Just as important is inviting and accepting feedback — even when it’s not positive. It’s especially important for a C-level executive to be open and welcoming of criticism from other members of the team.
  3. Grace — Things don’t always go perfectly, and Morgan is grateful for the grace his family and team members extend to him when things don’t go well.


New Story 3D Printed Homes


I’ll just leave this here.






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