Ep 132 -- Find your Story with Zack Hudson

2-Minute Tip: Know 3 Stories


While it’s helpful to have lots of stories at your disposal, there are three types that will help you in speeches, job interviews and client interactions.  They are Underdog, Authority, and Fixer.


The Underdog story is the story of where you came from. It’s the obstacles life put in your path and how you got over, around, under, or through them to get where you are today.


The Authority is the story about your expertise. How do you know what you know? Why should people listen to you? What makes you different from other folks they could be listening to right now?


The Fixer story is about what you do to help others. How can you help this audience? What will you do or what will you enable them to do?


With those three stories in your pocket you can are better prepared for any audience.


When we talk about pathos, ethos, and logos as being crucial to persuasive success, these three stories support the often neglected ethos side of the pyramid.


Post Tip Discussion: Meet Zack Hudson


I and my guests talk a lot about Storytelling in public speaking. And I talk about it more with Zack today. One thing that makes today’s conversation a little different is that we get a little bit deeper into the process of finding your stories. Because that is what Zack does with his clients — he helps them find and tell their stories.


The fact is everyone has stories to tell, even if we don’t realize it.




Today Zack not only speaks and consults with organizations. He also live the corporate executive life with more than 500 people in his organization across the southern US.


From Zack’s website:


Zack Hudson stands outside in front of a body of water facing the camera.

I grew up in Louisiana and never saw a swamp until I was a teenager. I loved my town and the dream was to never leave and become mayor. That plan was dramatically altered when I met a certain redhead. She captured my heart and after getting married, we moved off to start our own adventure.


We relocated all over the South and started a family along the way. During the journey, I had a hunger to grow as a leader and discovered there were many others out there that had that same fire.


Since then, I’ve developed many leaders to become more than what they thought they could be. Many have gotten the job they’ve always wanted or ended up at their dream locations. One of my greatest joys is seeing others hit their personal goals.


Today, I lead about 500 employees across six states and spend much of my time developing them to be the leaders that they are called to be. I also help others across the globe reach their potential through the Passing the Baton Leadership Podcast and it’s resources.


What you may not know:

  • I’ve made it to 38 of the 50 states so far.
  • I minored in jazz bass in college.
  • I’ve chest-bumped a whale shark.
  • My daughter lived in 5 cities by the time she was 5.
  • Sharon and I love Disney more than just about anything.
  • I jumped out of a plane…with my mom.
  • I served in the military.
  • Pies are my weakness.
  • I’ve survived running with the bulls and hang gliding.
  • I’ve been in movies and TV shows.


5 Tips for Finding you Story


  1. Do some free writing while you think about incidents from the past couple of weeks
  2. Use a text app or speak into a voice recorder if writing is not your thing
  3. Focus on authentic personal stories; don’t try to fake it.
  4. Prepare your story before you tell it. Practice it; don’t improvise it.
  5. Get feedback from friends and colleagues before delivering it in front of a “real” audience


Heart and Stroke Walk 2019


Regular listeners may know that I had a stroke on June 3, 2017. I looked for stroke related podcasts at the time to learn more. When I didn’t find enough existing shows, I started my own. You can learn more about that show at http://Strokecast.com


This year I am once again participating the Puget Sound Heart and Stroke Walk here in Seattle in October 2019. Please donate to the American Heart Association to help promote their work to reduce stroke through research and medical standards on the white coat side and through help folks reduce their blood pressure on the general population side.


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