Ep 133 -- Process with Technology Coach for non-Tech Entrepreneurs Charles White

2-Minute Tip: Be Vulnerable


We often talk about the importance of authenticity as a speaker. Another way to think about it, though, is vulnerability.


The benefit of vulnerability as a speaker is that the audience can feel where you are coming from. It’s easier for them to connect with you.


And if they feel that stronger sense of connection, they are more likely to pursue the action you are calling them to pursue.


Post Tip Discussion: Meet Charles White


When I put together an episode, I don’t always know what it’s about. I do my core edit of the conversation where I listen to the whole thing, cut some stuff , and clean up the audio Wile I take notes.


Then I look over my notes. Sometimes I sit with it for a day. It’s only then that I realize what my guest and I talked about. Then I can write up my intro and outro comments and start work on the show notes for an episode. That’s my process.


And that’s how I came to realize that this week’s episode is all about process. Charles focuses on process in his life.  Process can be quite freeing. Once you have a structure and a way of doing things, suddenly those tasks get a whole lot quicker.


Often when we talk about public speaking we don’t think about the process. We think about standing in front of the crowd with some slides.


But 90% of the success of a talk is determined before you ever open your mouth. It’s in your preparation and planning. And when your preparation becomes repeatable and duplicatable, you have a process.


It’s not as sexy as the roar of the crowd, but the right process can make your life so much easier.




Charles White wearing a beret and looking at the camera

Charles helps business owners who need their operations to run more efficiently. As businesses get more clients, more work orders, and hire more people the processes they built become stressed. Charles is there when you are looking to find that new tool, improve your old process, and increase your workforce’s output.


He provide a full service solution to improving your daily, weekly and monthly workload. Together he helps you identify areas of your business that can most benefit from immediate intervention. Then he provides a solution through new software implementation and personalized training documentation, videos and in person classes.


Charles’ TEDx Talk






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