7x7 Parade

Today (Sunday, 2007-07-08 (or 7/8/7)) Boeing celebrated the roll out of their new 787 Dreamliner at an event for employees, customers, and media. It is a gorgeous plane.

The night before, however, they held another, less publicized event. Beginning at 7:07 PM, they held a parade of 7s. Pilots flew a plane from each of the 7x7 family from Paine Field to Boeing Field, starting with the 707, and going on up to the 777 (which took off at 7:77 PM (or 8:17)).

And representing the historic 737 line was Alaska Airlines, which flew one their shiny, new 737-800s in the parade.

I only wish I'd heard about it in advance.

Check out the parade here.

And don't miss the slide show here.

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