Indoor Watering Hose Review

I bought one of these watering systems back in February. Here is the review I just did for Amazon.com.

Works well -- Mild annoyances, July 7, 2007
By Cromely (Seattle, WA) - See all my reviews
This hose probably saves me 15-20 minutes each time I water my plants. It effectively delivers water from the sink to the plants across the room.

I did have to take off the brass nozzle at the tip of the wand. I needed to pour water into my planters rather than use a high pressure spray.

I also found the winding doesn't work easily. It's a slow, manual process. I usually have to take it off the faucet before I wind it up because I don't want to put stress on the faucet where it connects to the sink.

After several months, it is now starting to leak slightly where the wand connects to the hose. It's a few drops, so it's not a major problem, but it is mildly annoying.

If I don't plan to use the sink for a few days, I'll just leave it attached. Otherwise I'm constantly disconnecting and reconnecting it.

It does what it needs to do fairly well, and despite the annoyances, it is a worthwhile product.

It would be better if it had some sort of quick release mechanism so I could easily attach or remove it. It would also be great if there was someway to use it with a Brita or other water filter.


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