Dare to be Stupid

This is one of my favorite Weird Al songs. I think I once read that one of the members of Devo considers this his favorite Devo song.

It's silly, stupid, yet still has some deeper social social critique buried in it. Probably.

And this explains why sometimes I turn to people and say, "Stick your head in the microwave and get yourself a tan.


Akemi Ito said...

Weird Al, is there anything he can't do? Love the video clip. Comedians are some of the most talented writers I know- my only problem with Weird Al is in his great American Pie parody, "The Saga begins..." he's about two verses short, which is really embarassing when you're trying to rework American Pie at the loccal karaoke bar after drinking tequila all night-

Cromely said...

The whole Dare to be Stupid album was brilliant.

He is one of our under appreciated geniuses. There's not many performers from the early 80s who are still performing today.

And he did it without having to "come back." He never went away. Straight Out of Lynnwood is a great album, too.