Glasses and travel

If you where glasses, you should travel with a copy of you prescription.

Last night, I found my prescription sunglasses. I kind of knew where they were for the past month, but with the move, I never bothered to find them and put them where they belong.

They actually belong in the car since that's when I am most likely to use them.

So I brought them down to the car this morning when I left for the airport. I took off my regular glasses, and put on the sunglasses.

I got to the airport, dropped off the car, took the shuttle to the terminal, got my boarding pass, checked my bag, and headed off to security. The TSA ID checker asked me to take off my glasses when she looked at my passport.

That's when I realized my regular glasses, which should have been on my face, were instead sitting on the front seat of my car.

I had thought the airport looked a little darker than normal.

So I headed off to my flight wearing sunglasses, jeans, and a Carroll College sweatshirt.

I'll be in California for several days of company meetings. And I am no where near cool enough to get away with wearing sunglasses all day. Especially in business casual wear.

When my plane (the Alaska Airlines Starliner (second time this year)) landed in Orange County, I took a cab to Lenscrafters to solve the problem.

An hour and a half later, and $275 poorer, I had new, regular glasses.

And I was able to take care of this because my eye doctor in Seattle suggested I carry a copy of my prescription in my travel papers for just this sort of emergency.

Mt Ranier peeks above the clouds on 2008-04-20, as seen from AS382 (SEA-SNA) N569AS.


Anonymous said...

Pretty wise advise. I will scan a copy of my prescription.

I remember once spending 3 weeks in Asia without my glasses. bummer!

n*tranced said...

That's awful. You poor thing. But what a wonderful suggestion.

Anonymous said...

I am going to make a copy of my script right now!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't thought of doing that, but it is a good idea to have the prescription with you when you travel. How nice to be in sunny CA, instead of shivering here in cold and rainy WA. Our son and his wife live in Garden Grove and she actually "whined" to me last week that it was too hot. LOL Have a good trip. Safe journeys. :)

Anonymous said...

oh wow... good thing you had that with you. I always bring an extra pair of contacts when I travel.

AVCr8teur said...

Good idea and now you have another pair of regular glasses. Nothing worse than getting stuck wearing sunglasses inside a building or at night.

Thanks for your comments on the Hammering Man. I read somewhere that there's a duplicate in Seattle.

Ana said...

Poor you... but somehow it's very funny, too! :) Will take over your docs advise to carry the prescription with me all time.

Cromely said...

In the end it worked out well. I tried a new style of frames. I never would have tried them in the normal glasses buying process.