Top posts in June

These are my top 10 posts for June according to Google Analytics. They aren't necessarily posts I wrote in June; rather they are the post that received the most visitors last month.

1) Fark Caturday Threads

This post is simply a list of links to Fark.Com Caturday threads. For those unfamiliar with Caturday, it's when a discussion thread is filled mainly with pictures of cats with funny captions. This is, apparently, what the Internet most wants from Cromely's World.

2) Hot Pockets versus Lean Pockets

Here I discussed the merits of Hot Vs Lean pockets.

3) Movie Review 04: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

This one is a little odd. It seems people aren't searching for my cinematic criticism. They are looking for pictures of Evanna Lynch who plays young, weird student Luna Lovegood. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

4) ASTD Conference

This is some brief commentary on the conference I attended in the beginning of June.

5) Frayed Wires

My Panasonic headphones got a little dangerous. Readers got to this post by searching for those headphones specifically and by generally searching for frayed wires.

6) Credit Card Arbitrage

The more the Fed lowers interest rates, the more people search for my 5-post guide to making money from 0% balance transfer offers.

7) The Inner Light

Star Trek related posts made it into this list twice. In this post, I talked about why The Inner Light is the best episode ever of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

8) Book Review 18: Star Trek Movie Memories

This is the other Star Trek post that made it in. Most people who looked at this post came here from the Wikipedia article on Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. And, no, I didn't put the link in there myself. But I'm happy I could be a source for the article.

9) Carrie Underwood on SNL

I had a spike in search traffic once SNL reran this episode.

10) Corteo in Marymoor Park

I wrote this after seeing the Cirque Du Soleil show Corteo near Seattle. It was a great show.

I may not be very focused here, but I do enjoy a wide variety of topics, apparently. At least I'll never be bored.

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