One of the advantages of being a guy is easily finding clothes that fit off the rack. My GF is still shocked that I can walk in to a store, locate my size, make my purchase and walk out before she has even begun to decode the random numbers that seem to apply to the sizes on women's clothes.

I am not a fan of the straight pins, however. Men's dress shirts often come with a seemingly random number of straight pins in them. I always seem to find all but one. That last one might surprise me in the washing machine, or it might surprise me in the back. Regardless, is it alway lurking there.

If I do manage to find it quickly, it's not done. It will jump out of my hand and hide in the carpet. Then it will wait. And plan it's next attack.

2008-08-29 straight pins

So I was thrilled when I got home with my latest haul of Eddie Bauer dress shirts last week. Instead of the stunningly simple, lightweight, and sinister straight pins, my shirts were held together with these new fangled paper clips.

2008-08-29 Eddie Bauer Pins

Fancy, huh? They were easy to remove, hard to miss, and they didn't even try to sting me. I think these clips might actually like me.

Unless they're planning a late night choking.


Kathy said...

I always thought guys had it too easy with clothes shopping, but I never considered the surprise pin in your back. OUCH! Those new devices solve the problem nicely, don't they? Sounds like their time has come.

Anonymous said...

I've always felt sorry for the people who have to put the pins in. That job must make them insane.

Anonymous said...

Don't get so comfortable around these little buggers just yet. I spent 20 minutes getting one untangled from a sweater. Having never seen it before I wasn't sure how it worked. I just kept making my situation worse and the darn thing almost won. Almost!

Kavita (luvikavi) said...

I never knew shirts like that had pins on them, I should ask my b.f. about them. His wardrobe consists mainly of t-shirts from metal bands.

I agree with most girls, guys do have it easy when it comes to shopping. It takes me at least an hour to find something. My b.f. can just look at something for a few seconds and determine whether the clothing item is for him or not.

But the pins, ouch! Are these only in guy clothing, because I've never came across them.