X-Men 3 audio commentary of an audio commentary

The newest Play Cole audio commentary is now available here.

Prior to directing the third X-Men movie, Brett Ratner's credits included Rush Hour, Mariah #1s, and Madonna: The Video Collection. Thus he was well prepared to direct this superhero blockbuster.

In this Play Cole Podcast, Jon Clarke, Mike Drucker, Mark Normand, Alex Grubard and Billy the Kid watch Brett Ratner go through Bryan Singer's X-Men franchise with a fine-tooth pickaxe.

You know it's a flashback when Patrick Stewart has creepily smooth skin.
For the full Play Cole experience, listen to this pod casts while watching the director's commentary on X-Men 3.

Language me be NSFW.

You can download the file here or you can stream it here. I'm not on this one, but it sounds like they had a lot of fun.

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Anonymous said...

i love x-men especially wolverine.

you've got a great blog and a great topic!