Who says furniture delivery sucks?

A few years ago I had my new bed delivered. The delivery people did not like their jobs. The did it, but you could tell they weren't happy. I had to remind them to take the pathetic, spring poke-y old twin mattress I was replacing, and in general they were slow.

I can't blame them too much. It was hot. The work was hard. And the new mattress was really heavy.

This morning I had a different experience.

My GF bought a new bed last week and it was scheduled to be delivered Saturday morning. Her old mattress didn't have any springs poking out of it, but she still wanted to replace it. It seems she thought her mattress shoul be flat instead of U-shaped. Go figure.

She bought her new mattress at Macy's. The delivery people were actually awesome. The arrived at about 9:30, and were gone 5 minutes laters. They were pleasant and highly professional. The two of them brought in the new box spring and mattress quickly despite the weight. The peeled off the plastic bag protecting the mattress with perfect team work, and before I new it, wrapped up the old mattress in that same plastic and took that out of the apartment. The put down the new box sping, helped my GF spread out the bed skirt, quickly put the new mattress in place, and then they were gone.

It was really impressive and demonstrates that you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get good service.

Chris and his delivery partner on route 104 in Seattle on Saturday morning did a great job and are a credit to Macy's.


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to find that a lot of the big chains in the UK are really trying to increase satisfaction levels with their deliveries these days. Long gone are the days of the delivery guys refusing to lift something up 3 flights of stairs....that is as long as you told them about them beforehand.

Anonymous said...

You know it is tough to find these days, I had an issue a while ago similar to this.

I purchased a new fridge from Bing Lee (here in Australia) and part of the agreement was that they would take away the old fridge and put the new one in place.

Unfortunatly the staff member at Bing Lee only gave the instructions:
1. Deliver new fridge
2. Unpack new fridge
3. Remove old fridge

They neglected to write "Put new fridge in place". In the end I had to bribe the delivery guys with a couple of beers to get them to do it. *sigh* Oh well, got there in the end hehe.

Anonymous said...

It's always nice to hear when someone has a good experience. Especially when you live in my area of western WA. :)

Karen and Gerard said...

That's great! Nice of you to acknowledge their good service too. It's so easy just to pick on stuff or complain about things so I really enjoyed reading a positive post! Thanks!

Cromely said...

@bob: That's good to see. As products become more commoditized, and churned out of the same factory in China (or whereever) regardless of brand, service may be the only way to distinguish one brand from another.

@stuart: Hmm. Well, I guess that works. I hope they put it in place before the beer. It may have been interesting to see the next delivery they did that day, or after a day of adventures like this, what their last delivery must have looked like.

@carol and karen zemek: Thanks. I'm trying to talk about the good things I see. Complaining is fun, but there's only so much negativity I can take.