Powell's this weekend

I took a quick trip to Portland this weekend, and of course I made the mandatory stop at Powell's.

Here's what I picked up:


Anonymous said...

Some day I'm going to Portland just to see Powell's. I've heard about it ever since I moved to the Northwest, and I'm dying to see it.

Jon Clarke said...

You've never read Watchmen?

Book Calendar said...

I can really related to Watchmen by Alan Moore, I've read it many times. I could read it over and over and find new things in it every time I read it. They are coming out with a Watchmen movie in 2009.

Jasper Fforde doesn't quite do it for me as a fairytale mystery. It is intriguing but not to my tastes.

If you get a chance take a look at the Bill Willingham Fables series. I think it is really really good.

One day, I'll get a chance to visit Powells.