Dusting off the wishes

I'm itching for Spring, and it's not the itch that comes from too much nature. While I still want my cold weather at night, I also want the sunny days so I get out on the deck and use it for something other than playing host to some possibly dead bamboo.

I'm shopping for a grill. Because it's an apartment in Seattle, "they" are rather particular about what I do when I play with fire. There are 4 requirements I have to meet when I grill.
  • It has to be a gas grill
  • It has to use the 16 ounce or smaller gas containers
  • I have to have a fire extinguisher nearby
  • I have to have a fire resistant mat under the grill (not required, but strongly recommended by the building manager as she looked at me with those scary you-must-comply eyes)

When I think out door activities and out door equipment, I think on one solution -- The Internet.

That brought me to Amazon, as most surfing ultimately does (damn them and their convenient ordering and adequate customer service).

On Amazon, I have two wish lists. My default is the "Please buy this for me list" which (no surprise) is filled mainly with books. The second list is one that's full of things I want to "Keep and eye on." Naturally, it is called, "Keep and eye on." When I see something I think I want, but I'm not sure, it goes on this list. When I'm shopping around and looking at different products, they go on this list.

Tonight, I dropped the Weber Q200 on that list. I'm still looking at grills, so that's where it goes.

That turns out to be a pretty dusty list. As I went though it, the contents broke down roughly like this:

  • 10% Things I might want
  • 15% Things I forgot I might want
  • 25% Things I'm comparing to one another
  • 40% Things I have
  • 10% What the heck is that doing on there?
It turns out I'm as good at de-cluttering my ad-hoc book mark system as I am at de-cluttering my apartment.

Need proof? I scrolled down this list and saw this:

It includes three cameras I was considering back in December of 2005. I eventually bought one (the Nikon) but they all sat there -- waiting. And hoping one day that I would come back to evaluate them again.


Now if only I were that ruthless with the delete key in my apartment...

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Anonymous said...

If you find that delete key for your apartment, let me know. This place is messier than yours for sure. ;)