A few days ago I woke up with the word "sage" screaming in my head.

I have no idea why.

I like sage. It has a strong, woody flavor and a wonderful scent. It's perennial, which means it keeps growing for several years. You don't have to replant it every season.

The robust Mediterranean herb is easy to grow in containers. It stands up surprisingly well to both over watering and drying out.

Have you had Fried Sage leaves? Heat up some oil in a frying pan and drop the leaves in. They fry up quickly and crisply. Take them out after just a few moments (15-30 seconds), and add salt.

The GF suggests waiting for them to be slightly translucent and instead of regular Kosher Salt, try a little Fluer De Sel.

The soft green leaves turn into light, crispy snacks that make for great appetizers or TV snacks. It's a nice alternative to potato chips. If you find yourself with extra sage leaves, give it a try.

But whether you add a few leaves to chicken, stuff a turkey's cavity with it, or shred it for a steak, sage is a great herb to play with.

But that still doesn't explain why I woke with "sage" exploding loudly in my head. I don't recall any plant related dreams. Or oil related dreams, for that matter. My existing sage plants are still in good shape. And it's not like my alarm clock calls our random plant names.

Fortunately, while this outburst rocked the inside of my skull, it didn't actually come through my larynx. It was a silent shout.

Can you imagine the neighbors calling the police? "Um yeah. There's some guy screaming about herbs next door...No, not that kind of herb...Yes, the other kind. Here -- Listen:"

[Through the wall] "Mint! Sage! Sage! Oregano! Rosemary! Basil! Spider Plant! Basil!"

Have you ever woken up with with a random thought banging against your temple trying to burst out? Was it garden related?

And how do you use your sage?


Anonymous said...

You know I'm gonna say it.."now that was sage advice". Actually, I had never heard about frying sage like that. Sounds at least like something I would try. BTW, when I wake up in the morning what I usually have screaming in my head is something about getting in the bathroom. LOL

Cromely said...

@Carol: Someone had to say it. I can't get enough of the non-thyme herbal puns. I've decided making jokes about thyme are just too easy. Give the fried stuff a try. Its great when you have some oil left over in a pan after cooking sompelace else and don't wnat to throw it out just yet.

outofthepinksky said...

My understanding is that people burn sage in their houses to remove any negativity. If there has been a lot of negativity at your place, or even a little, maybe your mind was telling you to burn some sage. I believe the practice is called "smudging"?

Dwacon said...

LBJ loved sage in his sausage. Not a traditional Texas recipe, eh?

deejay said...

sage by the way has medicinal value? or i don't know what you meant.

Cromely said...

@outofthepinksky: I think I may have heard that. Or burned some on accident. Maybe I'll give it a try.

@Dwacon: One of the best sandwiches I've had is the Idaho Sage Sausage Sandwich from Harrison Hollow in Boise, ID. I guess I have more in common with LBJ than I thought.

@deejay: I think there someone to argue that any plant has medicinal value.

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