Logo hate

I've been a Flickr member for more than 3 years. It's a great service for displaying, sharing, and organizing digital pictures. The forums are also interesting and shockingly civil.

Which is why this thread was so shocking.

Yahoo! bought Flickr a couple years back, and there was much grumbling. But folks seemed to get used to it.

Now, though, Yahoo! has done something unbelievably sinister. They added the Yahoo! logo to the Flickr logo.
Okay, I'll grant it's ugly and just looks thrown together. And maybe "from" is overstating it since Yahoo! had nothing to do with creating Flickr.

But I was shocked at the anger bile directed at Yahoo! for this decision. From reading this thread, you would think Yahoo! was doing bad things to puppies.

It seems wildly disproportionate.

What's really interesting about this (besides the cheap laughs at the expense of people are so angry about this logo) is that it demonstrates how much a strong core of Flickr users loves Flickr. They don't just love it, they are in love with it.

It's almost as though they see the Yahoo! buyout as some sort of adulterous defilement. And the new logo serves as an everyday reminder of that affair years ago.

Many companies never anticipate the problems that can come from having customers love their product so much that they connect in such a visceral manner.

Still, though. I think some folks in that thread could really use a vacation.


Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

It's just like on Etsy. Now when you go to a shop, you'll see "ABC Company on Etsy"....That too caused a BIG stink!

Jackie said...

It's odd the things we humans get use too isn't it?

I'm still mad because my Yahoo mail changed...lol!

I just signed up with Adgetize and this is my first go round adgetizing!!

Happy weekend!!

LOBO said...

But can we start shooting people with Comment Luv and Photo Bucket yet?

-It's the end of freakin September!!!