A simple sandwich

I've been doing a lot of things with tomatoes the past couple weeks (harvested 390 last weekend, and another 200 today), but sometimes, it's nice to go back to the basics. And that's a cheese and tomato sandwich.
I grew up eating these. The ingredient list was simple. Sliced tomatoes, Kraft Singles, Wonder Bread, and a bit of salt.

I can't recall the years I was eating these all the time. I'm guessing 3rd thru 7th grade, but I can't be sure. Each day, I walked home from school at lunch time to a waiting sandwich. I think it was a daily lunch, but again, it's been so many years, I can't be positive. But they've become a fixture in my mind. It was a sandwich that rarely let me know.

I do remember one time it didn't quite work out. We were on a class trip on the Circle Line, which is a tour boat that circles Manhattan Island. When I got on the boat that morning my sandwich was safely packed in a bag. But in the following hours, the heat, tomato acid, and salt combined their efforts to melt the cheese and turn it into an unappetizing, drippy amalgamation of bread and fruit.

Today that likely wouldn't bother me. The GF is often horrified by some of the things I eat and my tendency to treat expiration dates as mere suggestion, but the picky eater I was then wouldn't touch it. I waited of a fresh one the next day.

I'm still not sure why that failed sandwich stuck with me through the years.

Wonder Bread is no longer available in Western Washington, and grocery store tomatoes don't taste like they did back in the 70s. But the garden yields the fruit, and other white bread is a passable substitute.

And sometimes all it takes is a simple sandwich to take me back to a simpler time.


Daisy said...

How 'bout grilled cheese and tomato? Yummy!

Ann said...

This reminded me of when I was a kid. My father always grew a garden so tomatoes were plentiful. Nothing beats a tomato straight out of the garden except possibly a tomato sandwich

Unknown said...

No Wonder bread? There's nothing like a good tomato sandwich...no meat just a nice firm slice of fresh tomato and mayo...yummy

Cally said...

The sandwich does remind me of simpler times, but the plate does it better - my mother has the same Corelle pattern still in use from my own childhood in the Seventies. :) Thanks for the memories!

KAT said...

You just brought back a very nice memory for me too...I used to love cheese and tomato sandwiches!!
I haven't had one in soooo long!!

Thank you...I will have to have one now.

Take care,

Buggys said...

Ok grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches are goooood but my favorite is very light toast lots of mayo, tomato and pepper. Ahhhh!

engr.kemm.coe said...

does a simple sandwich can change a life?

Rebecca said...

The late blight took my entire crop of tomatoes. I was so looking forward to picking some fresh from the garden to make a sandwich. :-(

Stacie said...

I was a picky eater too. I couldn't stand soggy sandwiches in school. I love tomato. The gardens around here didn't do to well as it was colder then normal here. Plus it's been a dry summer.

Papa Ces said...

A simple sandwich always make for a quick and good snack. I haven't tried just a tomato and cheese sandwich, perhaps next time. :)

Jackie said...

oh I have another way I discovered while living in Maine! But, you have to have the real deal home made hard crusted Italian bread and it's got to be super fresh!!

Slice off 2 slices, add a little butter and just a touch of garlic salt, then pile on those frsh tomatoes and it is out of this world!!

Nothing beats a fresh tomato just pulled off the vine!!:-)))