Victoria Part 05: Reasons to go back

More posts and pictures from my recent trip will be coming over the next few weeks. But the GF is ready to go back know. There are four reasons she wants to return:
  1. To have tea
  2. To do more shopping on "the neat little streets"
  3. To visit a Canadian Wal*Mart (they're oddly compelling)
  4. To visit a castle
The Visitors' Bureau should put that in the brochure.


Anonymous said...

Works for me!

Joanne Olivieri said...

I can't wait. I've been seriously thinking of Victoria so your photos are awesome and can't wait for more.

Lynne said...

I went to Victoria over 20 years aog for a day trip and I've ALWAYS wanted to return. Top thing on my list? To have high tea at the Empress Hotel!