Shatner-Palooza and Olympics

When I first heard Shatner was going to be part of the Olympic closing ceremony, I thought it just might be awesome. And the whole thing was. 

Perhaps I could have done with less of the Russian stuff, but then we might not have gotten people bouncing up and down in light up inflatable balls, and really, where else are you going to see that?

Then Shatner comes out and I hoped for a minute he might sing.  Instead he touts the noted Canadian erotic prowess in canoes, and the accompanying free splinter removal. In all Shatner made me feel more warm and fuzzy about Canada than Catherine O'hara did with her jokingly passive-agressive rant.

Michael J Fox was a nice way to wrap up the segment, with his touching claim on all the Olympic medals.

And then the whole thing went crazy.  Giant inflatable Mounties and beavers, card board hockey player, a stage made out of hat -- the parade of all things Canadian was bizarre and wonderful.  I expected the Space Shuttle's robotic arm to come out next.

I think If someone had hired me to put on a stage show that made a parody of , and mocked, Canada, this is exactly what I would do.

And yet -- the whole thing turned out to be just funny and awesome.  I really can't get snarky about it.

Let's face.  My friends to the north put on a heck of a show. 

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mcangeli said...

Really? I thought it went downhill quickly after shatner...

Of course, anything that was done was going to pale in comparison next to Bejing, but I expected so much more then Buble and giant beavers from Canada....