Hooking up blind

No, I’m not talking about a new dating site.  I’m talking about connecting cables. And no, that’s not a new dating site either.

Connecting home entertainment and computer equipment can be challenging.  Often it’s hard enough to figure out just which cable goes where.  But have you ever tried to do it when your equipment was already against a wall?  Or where you couldn't even see the plugs for some other reason?

One solution is to use a mirror and a flash light.  And that’s a good solution, especially if you have three hands to work with.  If you don’t have a spare hand, though, take a look at your video camera.

When I attached my monitor to a monitor arm, it worked great, except I couldn’t see the plugs where the cables go because the ports faced down and I was looking at it from above. 

I pulled out the hand held video camera, flipped the screen around, turned on the camera light, and now I could see everything I needed to.

Give it a try.

 2010-05-06 S20 Periscope 2010-05-06 S20 Periscope (2)

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