Tokyo Travels Part 07: Safety in Starbucks

The Starbucks in Shibuya is one of the busiest in the world.  The window seats have fantastic views of the seas of people flowing though the street.  In many cities that awesome crowd would also be a reason to heighten your awareness of potential pickpockets and other charlatans.  In Tokyo, that's not an issue.

The Shoebox Chef and I were sitting on the second floor where I enjoyed a Matcha Latte.  Two woman came up stairs and hunted for a table.  One opened up and they pounced.  They hooked their umbrellas on it, sat their not-cheap-looking purses down and left to go downstairs and get coffee.

Not only were they comfortable leaving their purses completely unattended, they were apparently right to feel comfortable, because the purses were perfectly safe during the 5-8 minutes they sat there alone.  Does that happen in any other major city in the world?

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Russ said...

Not around here. They would have been gone in seconds.

Vera said...

Wound that's great. Here, there would be some spots where I guess it would be safe, but I still wouldn't do the same thing.