Cell Phone and Interview Tips

I was waiting for a flight with dozens of people and one of them decided to have a loud cell phone conversation. I was about 15-20 feet away. I'm not going to discuss whether or not this is rude; plenty of other people have beaten that topic to death.

Judging by the heavily logo'ed, red, button down shirt, he worked for Toys R Us.  He had been doing some interviews, trying to recruit managers from another major retail chain (which I won't name now, even though he had no concern about doing so. Most of the candidates seemed to be working at Oklahoma branches of that store

He explained that he was recommending his executive team not open a a new store in New Mexico due to the high minimum wage.

One of the candidates he interviewed did really well and will likely be invited to another round of interviews in Texas.

Another candidate did well, but wasn't sure how interested she would be in the position.  She had concerns about the job title.  Phone guy felt they could convince her it was a good career move and she could learn a lot.

Another candidate did really well, but then other issues came up.  Phone guy had the definite impression that the candidate was currently working.  The person he spoke with on the phone seemed to have conflicting information.  Apparently the candidate was not currently working.  Phone guy asked the person he was talking to to confirm that.  If the candidate was not in fact working and implied that he was, then phone guy had no further interest in him.

There are four lessons to take away from this.

  1. Be careful what you say when you are wearing company logo'ed apparel in public.
  2. Don't discuss sensitive information in public. You never know who else is in the airport.
  3. If you must discuss sensitive information in public, do so quietly. (Remember, speaking louder into your cell phone doesn't make it easier for the other person to hear you)
  4. Don't lie in an interview.  The world is smaller that many people realize, and if you get caught, it will kill your chances.

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Ohara said...

I have always wondered if it was the advent of the cell phone that created this phenomena or if it simply augmented an existing problem. Perhaps it is the few clueless and rude people that stand out.