Qantas crew objects to Team?

Qantas has a new safety video for its A380 passengers.  It feature John Travolta and is raising objections from Qantas employees.

According to the Seattle PI:

Cabin crew “say a ‘real pilot’ — like Captain Richard de Crespigny, credited with saving 466 lives on the failed QF32 flight from Singapore — should front the message,” The Telegraph reported.


Crew members also deem it “demeaning” that Travolta and others in the video refer to “the team,” a flight attendant says in the story. “It makes us feel like we work at McDonald’s.”

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Okay, I can see the objection on the first part. While Travolta is an actual jet aircraft pilot, I can see them preferring to see an employee do it. I'm not sure I agree Travolta is a bad choice, but I understand.

But the second objection I find baffling.  Is is a cultural issue? Is "Team" a term of derision in Australia?  Sure, it seems a little cheesy, but I'm confused by the interpretation that it's demeaning. I'm not saying the complaint is baseless.  It just strikes me as odd.

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Cory said...

I don't have a problem with having Travolta do it. I think it gets people interested rather than just sleeping through the safety briefing. Plus, the actual flight crew is at the end. It's not like they have Travolta sitting in the cockpit. As far as celebrities goes, he's a legitimate choice. It would help if he were an Aussie, but you can't have everything.

As for the "team" reference . . . I don't have a problem with the word. But it really does seem awkward as it's used in this video. Is it maybe that people are used to hearing these folks referred to as "crew," and the word goes against expectations?