Twitter traffic helps actual traffic

Here and interesting short story from the Seattle PI:

When Michael Micheletti's car stalled in the center lane of Interstate 5, he documented his ordeal holding up traffic on the social networking site, Twitter.
The Shoreline designer told KING-TV that tweeting was his way of passing the time after calling for a tow truck. He didn't expect the quick help he got in response.
I would probably do the same thing in his place.  If I'm stuck in a middle lane, and my car won't move, I suppose I would first call a tow truck, and then start tweeting about it.  I'm not about to get out of my car in the middle of freeway traffic; that's almost never a good idea.  And does it really justify calling 911?
Friends saw his Tweets, which they passed along, and pretty quickly the DOT notices and moves the guy before his tow truck gets there. 
I recall hearing on report once that every minute a lane of traffic is blocked causes 6 minutes of congestion.  Looks like Twitter saved a whole bunch of drivers a bunch of time.

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