A SXSWi Moment

As I walked along 6th Street in Austin during SXSWi, I could hear the strains of band after band pouring through the open windows and mixing with the buzz of the crowd and the smell of beer and street sausages.

Outside of a bar one band set up shop on the sidewalk.  The four women of The Scarlet Effect apaprently had not yet booked a show during the music festival but drove out from Mcallan, TX, to busk on the street. Apparently, that effort actually earned them a show at one of the venues, which is an awesome story in and of itself.

I stopped to listen to them for a few minutes and they sounded great. Check them out if you get the chance.

The four of them stood against a building singing and playing guitar in hard rock, punkish, garage band style. The sound quality wasn't great, but they were using a loud, small-ish amp, that one of the band member was carrying while performing.  One guy in the crowd, after listening briefly, stepped up to the woman with the amp and started adjusting the knobs on it, tweaking the sound.  The band never stopped playing, the guy stepped back into the crowd, and someone remarked, "Wow. That does sound better."

How many places are there where random guy in a crowd of people has the expertise, can go up to a random group, fix their sound, step back, and everyone is cool with it?

It was one of my favorite moments at the show.  You can check out The Scarlet Effect on their Facebook page.

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