Episode 060 -- Assume Your Screen Shows and More Thoughts on Storytelling



2-Minute Tip: Always Assume Your Screen is Showing


I think we've all been in that meeting at one point where someone's PC is connected to the projector and suddenly an embarrassing IM pops up. Or the meeting gets derailed by a 5-minute discussion about they're wallpaper.


There are lots of notifications that popup on our devices -- meeting reminders, email previews, Skype notices, Windows 10 Action Center updates, etc. Sometimes we just have assorted files scattered across folders or our desktop.


And sometimes we forget folks can see that stuff because we're just conducting our presentation. That's when it's easy to get into trouble.


Always assume your desktop is showing when connected to a projector, and make sure the only stuff on there is stuff it's okay for your audience to see.


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Post Tip Discussion: More Thoughts on Storytelling


More and more these days, I find myself thinking about storytelling. From holy books, to fables, to blockbuster movies, stories are what connect us. Stories are how we share history, teach lessons, build a community, and bond over shared victory or loss.


Stories are how we can tap into the Pathos side of the pathos-ethos-logos triangle and can make us much more effective speakers.



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  • Assume your screen is showing every time you connect to a projector
  • Don't get best…get better.

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