Episode 041 -- Holiday Tips for Stroke Survivors

The Holiday season can be awesome. Or it can be stressful. Or it can be both. This week, I have 10 Holiday Tips for Stroke Survivors

Travel Tips:

  • Ship luggage on ahead
  • Request wheelchair assistance at the airport
  • Travel with prescriptions in their original bottle -- especially if you're travelling internationally.

Kitchen Tips:

  • Mise en place -- prep everything in advance and have everything in its place
  • Use adaptive gear like one-handed can openers and under the counter jar openers
  • Use paper based checklists for complex items and procedures

Friends, Family, and Social Tips

  • Be careful with alcohol -- drinking can make stroke deficits more prominent
  • Communicate your limits
  • Use gift wrapping services from Amazon or other retailers when you do your shopping

Finally, the big tip is:

  • Know your own limits. When fatigue hits, take a nap. When a crowd gets overwhelming, step away to a quiet place. Be good to yourself so you can enjoy the season.

And, of course, don't get best...get better.

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