Episode 086 -- Incorporate Excellence and Brevity

2-Minute Tip: Incorporate, Don't Emulate


A movie that's inspired by a true story takes elements of that story and creates its own thing from it to move the audience. It doesn't attempt to duplicate the original story itself because that would be a documentary and not a theatrical tale. Both the original story and the entertaining film can be excellent things, but they are different things.


When we try to be more effective speakers, one thing we do is watch excellent speakers. That's a good thing. Watch as many excellent speakers as you can. Just don't try to be them.


They got where they are with their own unique combination of practice, training, and life experience.


You got where you are with your own unique combination of practice, training, and life experience. 


Watch those excellent speakers and think about what they do well and why. What specific behaviors or techniques to they use to get their message across. Is that a technique you can use in your talks? Give it a try.


Here you are trying to incorporate specific behaviors. You are not trying to be someone else. Incorporate; don't emulate.


Post Tip Discussion: Brevity


The proper length for a talk is to be exactly as long as it needs to be and not a second longer.


Sometimes that takes work. It's easy to craft a long talk. The work comes in trimming away the unessential parts.


Make your point. Support your point. Get off the stage.


How often have you heard the audience say, "I wish that presentation was longer."


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In the spirit of getting the heck off the stage, this week's episode includes "Opening Band" by the legendary musical comedy duo Paul and Storm (released under Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-alike). You can check out more of their work here.

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