Episode 088 --Thank Your Host and Tips for Speakers at During the Holidays

2-Minute Tip: Thank your Hosts


Putting together an event is a lot of work. Sometimes even putting together a short internal company meeting is a lot of work. Coordinating peoples' schedules and even finding an available conference room is way more complicated than it ought to be. So thank your host for inviting you. They took care of logistics and are giving you the audience's most valuable assets -- its time and attention.


So thank the host after the event. Send them a note letting them know you appreciate the work they've done. It may even make it more likely you'll be invited back. Everyone likes to be appreciated.


Post Tip Discussion: Tips for Speakers During the Holidays


It's the Holiday season in the US. We start with Thanksgiving on November 22 and goes through New Years Day on January 1. In the tech industry some folks would say it goes through January 11, 2019, when CES ends.


That means folks may be distracted either because they are so excited. Folks may be recharging with family and friends or dealing with family and friends. Folks may have different views of the Holidays from you due to their personal experience, or their politics, or their philosophy. Don't let differing views of the Holidays detract from your core message or call to action.


Travel may be more complicated. Airports and airplanes will be busier and fuller than normal. Many of the folks who are travelling do not travel regularly. They may not be as familiar or experienced with security and airport procedures as more frequent travelers.


Weather will also be a factor in delays and agitation in air travel this time of year.


So plan to allow extra time and bring lots of extra patience.


As you encounter children performing in pageants or skits during the Holidays, support them. Their experience with an audience now will impact how they feel about speaking and stage presence years into the future.


Finally, back in Episode 066, I spoke with Mario Porreca about gratitude, among other things. Thanksgiving week is a great time to start a  gratitude project. 


Start and end each day by writing down one thing you are grateful for. It doesn't have to be a big thing; the consistency is what matters.


After a month, you'll have a list of 60 things. At the end of a year, you'll have a list of more than 700 things.


This list then becomes a great source for talks, points and illustrations, bios, and job interview answers among other things. Plus its a great thing to look over when you're having a bad day.


Call To Action


  • Start a Gratitude List
  • Enjoy the Holidays that you celebrate
  • Have patience
  • Don't get best...get better

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