Shatner-Palooza: Crazy Biker

If you see a crazy old man riding around SoCal on a motorcycle and bleeding, it just may be William Shatner.

From the StarPulse.com:

William Shatner discovered the perils of riding a motorcycle without any protective gear, when he crashed on a highway in California.

The reckless former Star Trek star refuses to pad up and rides around the state wearing just beach clothes - even after a crash that could have killed him.

He explains, "I think leather, and helmets and protective gear is foolish, in the hot California weather. I ride with sandals and shorts and a

"One time, I was driving along and the bike slide from under me, and I skidded across the two lane highway.

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He seems to have forgotten he lacks a main deflector array.

Then again, he is the guy who sings "You're gonna die" on his recent album.


ettarose said...

That explains the swollen eyes he is sporting.

Gandalf & Grayson said...

His motorcycle name is probably The Enterprise. If so, he's practically bullet-proof on it!

GorillaSushi said...

The bike didn't slide out from underneath him. I was pulled by a tractor beam. By Klingons. Angry Klingons. Klingons, angry that their vacations didn't live up to the expectations that the Priceline.com commercials gave them.