787 looking good

Boeing's new 787 is slated to complete it's first test flight this quarter. The project is already two years behind schedule, due primarily to supply chain problems (who'd have thought building a Boeing play without building it by Boeing would cause problems?).

It looks like it's on track now, though. By the time the plane starts shipping in quantity, the recession should be over, meaning it will be good timing for Boeing. By then we'll be well on the road to recovery. (Actually, that last sentence is just because I wanted to mix more metaphors.)

But for now, as these pictures from the Seattle PI show, it looks like it really will be a beautiful aircraft.

See the whole set here.

I can't wait to ride in one.


Perky said...

I don't fancy flying, but I would love to try out Singapore Airline's A380 simply because Lisa Ling did a cover on it on Oprah.

Rob said...

It is a cool looking plane!

Carl said...

From where I work, I can see them test fly the 787s. It looks like a giant blue bird in the sky.

Cromely said...

@Perky: I'd love to ride that one too, but probably not in coach. It's a fascinating aircraft, but doesn't really look elegant in flight. I'm guessing the larger derivatives will have more natural proportions. Of course nothing about this is natural.

@Rob: It really is.

@Carl: It looks like first flight is in June or July. You'll have to peel people away from you windows.