You can patent perforations?

This actually pretty cool. It's a pizza box designed to be torn apart into plates and then folded up so you can store left over pizza in the fridge.

Bachelors have been doing this for decades. Who knew there was money to be made on something so simple? Or is this a case of patents gone crazy?


Hayley/Shu Fen said...


but i don't see it on the pizzas i eat because it is patented -.-

Vicissitudes of Life

Unknown said...

Okay. Who do I sue?

Thomas Hammerlund said...

It's about time!

Dwacon said...

Do you prefer preferations?

Shawn said...

I actually have to say, your description of it made it sound a lot cooler than it actually turned out to be. You should look into a career in advertising.

Kathy said...

I like the part where they fold up the box. It's very hard to fit a whole pizza box in our side-by-side fridge. But ripping up the box for plates? Sorry. Too much work. Yes, I'm lazy.

Cromely said...

@Shu Fen: Someone will, I'm sure, claim all waste is a product of patent law.

@Daryl Campbell: I think you start with whomever has the most money and work down. So that would be Warren Buffet. I don't think he has anything to do with this, but that's for the courts to figure out.

@Dwacon: My preferation for perferations proceeds from my preference to proactively provide alternatives to presoaks.

@Shawn: LOL. Good call. I'm actually in marketing -- all the fun of sales without the hassle of quotas.

@Kathy: I guess it depends if you need a plate at all. Because, I gotta say, tearing up the lid without taking my eyes off "Dollhouse" seems a lot lazier than walking to the kitchen to get a plate, only to have to wash it a week later.