Ocean Shores, WA and the Judith Ann Inn

The GF and I just got from a relaxing couple of days in Ocean Shores on the Washington coast. We stayed at a great place called the Judith Ann Inn.

There aren't any Hilton properties out on the coast so that meant no free stays. So I searched out a unique place.

The problem with most of the neat places out there is that they are bed and breakfast type places. Which is nice, except you have to get up early if you want breakfast. And you usually end up dining with other guests. That means you have to talk to them and be all nice and friendly, and who wants to do that?

The Judith Ann Inn isn't a bed and breakfast. While we were there, we didn't have to talk to anyone. And there was not big breakfast we were expected to join. Instead we had our own full kitchen.
2009-04-29 Ocean Shores Room (17)
Our room had a great view of the ocean.

2009-04-30 View from Room (12)

We took the car down to the access road and drove right on to the beach.

Unlike many states, in Washington the beach is actually a state highway. You can take the car right out onto the sand. That was a lot of fun for my Subaru. It's doesn't get to play much in the city streets or the airport parking lot, but letting it run around in the sand really brought it to life.

2009-04-30 Ocean Shores Beach (98)

2009-04-30 Ocean Shores Beach (119)

2009-04-30 Ocean Shores Beach (121)

2009-04-30 Ocean Shores Beach (96)

2009-04-30 Ocean Shores Beach (142)

The trick with driving on the beach is to obey the warnings that say you should stay on the firmer sand, and not drive close to the water, especially when the tide is coming in. These folks help demonstrate why.

2009-04-30 Ocean Shores Beach (180)

A few people had picnics going out on the beach, and it looked like a couple people were planning on sunbathing, which is not really a good idea. WA beach wear is less about the bikinis and more about the fleece. It's cold and windy and refreshing.

And it is an awesome place to go.


The GF said...

It was a perfect couple of days! Thank you for such a lovely time. I hope we get to make Judith Ann Inn a regular place to stay. :)

Gary Mac said...

Thank you for the nice review of the Judith Ann Inn. We hope to have you back soon.

We would appreciate any other comments.


Cromely said...

@GF: It certainly was a lot of fun.

@Gary Mac: You've got a nice place out there.

brokenteepee said...

There are stupid people everywhere.
If the publicist had driven on the beach in NJ where she used to live the police would have hauled her off to jail. It looks lovely where you went.

Unknown said...

Great photo opportunity. Thanks for posting pictures.

Unknown said...

Great photo opportunities!