Life in the Garden Part 23: Two weeks of progress

This video is two weeks of growth in my garden.

I shot a bunch of pictures on 2009-05-30 and on 2009-06-16. I planned to compare and contrast them in a blog post. But then I thought matching them up, formatting them, and uploading them would take a lot of work.

"There must be an easier way!"

Now, I should now by know that as soon as that phrase flashes across my synapses, I should stop and go back to bed because there is absolutely no good that can come from that.

Regardless, for some silly reason I though it would be a good idea to try Windows Movie Maker for the first time in over a year. Because relearning how and then actually editing a video must be easier than spending an hour on a blog post.

Three and a half espisodes of Mythbusters later, I have the below video. Enjoy.

(You can see a larger version here)

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