Frequent Flying

I rode the escalator up from the tram to the N-Concourse at SeaTac (SEA) on Sunday.  As I was riding up, I saw a familiar face riding down.  She looked at me, and then a look of recognition came across her face.  As she passed, in her dark blue uniform, at the end of her day hopscotching around the country, she smiled, and said, "You were on my flight. I kept your coffee filled." I smiled broadly and said yes, and we continued on to our destinations.

This was the second time in thirty days that an Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant recognized me from a prior flight.  The first time, it was on a flight to ORD. I slept the entire flight there.  Apparently, I made an impression, because when I flew back from ORD the next day an FA spotted me and mentioned it.

This time, a few more days has elapsed.  I flew to SEA with the escalator FA on Tuesday, and 5 days later she spotted me heading for my next plane.

I'm sure part of it has to do with my "uniform."  I tend the wear the same sweatshirt on every flight.  It's convenient and the sleeves me I don't have to actually touch any of my fellow passengers. Or maybe it's just the volume of flying I'm doing lately.  I think I've already been on about 35 flights this year.  It was bound to happen eventually. 

Still, it's pretty impressive that the FAs pay enough attention to remember a passenger a few days later, especially when that passenger doesn't actually cause any trouble. 

When they start to spot me on the street -- then I'll get worried. For now, it's nice to both see and be a familiar face.

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