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So far, this has been one of my busiest quarters in my current role.  In terms of travel, I mean.  There are two or three that might rival it over the past four years, but not much more than that.

I should have a chance to catch my breath in a couple of months. And how am I going to celebrate that?  By taking two weeks of vacation time.  And then...getting on another plane.

I'm actually flying someplace I've never been before simply for vacation.  I don't think I've done that since I was in high school.

The GF and I are heading to Tokyo for 9 days.

One of the great things about the trip is that we are doing it all on air miles and hotel points so we are getting to travel in a way I could never afford with cash. Two first class plane tickets cost 250,000 Alaska miles.  To pay cash for them would have cost $12,300. Each. The hotel is costing 460,000 Hilton points, which, again, beats spending cash.

Tokyo is someplace I've wanted to visit for some time, if for no other reason, to at least be there. We plan to each some fantastic food, browse some fascinating electronics, and just sort of swim in the exotic differnt-ness of being someplace else.

Neither of us speaks any Japanese (though Rosetta Stone may help me a little with that), so that will make it even more of an adventure.

We've got a big pile of tour books floating around, but here's where I could use your help.  What do you suggest we do in Tokyo?

By the way, if you can't fly to Tokyo, Google does offer driving directions here.  Pay particular attention to steps 8 and 23.

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ShoeboxChef said...

I'm so excited! I really do have the best BF ever. 53 days to go and counting...