No longer misleading the DMV

I just hit a goal that I didn't even know I had until about a week ago.
I just got my new driver's license in the mail, which was actually part of a wonderfully simple process.  The state sent me a note saying it was time to renew and that I could do it online.  I took the note on a trip to Phoenix, and from my hotel, found the site, checked that my info was correct, gave them my credit card number, and a week later, they sent me my new Driver's License.  It was so much better than trekking down the the Jamaica DMV in Queens in the late 80s.

But when I checked my license, I saw my weight was listed at 240.  "Huh," I thought.  "That's not too far off."

And as of tonight, I reach a new goal.  I now weigh what it says on my license.  My actual weight and my state reported weight haven't matched in, well, ever.

I know some people are horrified at the idea of posting their weight publicly.  It doesn't bother me too much because it's not like people I know in real life are under the illusion I'm skinny.  It's no "secret shame." It's pretty obvious that I'm a big guy.

I'm down about 15 pounds since 2009-10-31.  At my biggest I was up around 265 3-4 years ago.

For an number of reasons I decided to make some small changes this past fall.  For example, while I always fit entirely in my own coach seat, even on a regional jet, it wasn't always pleasant.  And if the person next to me spilled past their own seat, well, there was no room for error.

I've been losing at about 3 pounds a month, which isn't quick, but it is likely sustainable.  I'm doing it without major lifestyle changes, too.

When I'm at home, I spend about 60-90 minutes on the Wii Fit Plus. (See 5 Things I like about the Wii Fit Plus and 5 Thing I don't like about the Wii Fit Plus.)  That's actually how I started -- just using the Wii Fit Plus.  And it helped.  I attribute that fact that I'm accomplishing any of this completely to the Fit.

I started taking the stairs in my building whenever I'm not carrying too much stuff. I live on the 5th floor and can make it all the way up without being too winded. 

I've reduced my regular soda drinking.  Now I mainly drink diet soda, water, juice, wine, beer, or other items.  I still have the regular stuff from time to time, and am not jumping on the corn-syrup-is-evil bandwagon.  As with most things, moderation is key.

I really enjoy eating good food, and I'm not willing to give up the wonders of bacon and butter and meat.  It's just not going to happen.  What I can do is make sure that if I'm going to eat stuff that's bad for me, that I eat it because I am actually hungry or because I really want it.  Eating just because it's time to eat, or because something happens to be in front of me, is a bad idea.  The key here is to eat deliberately and intentionally.

A few years ago I switched to 2% Lattes.  I tried the Soy ones, but they were nasty (which is funny because I do enjoy things like Miso, Edemame, and even Tofu).  More recently, I switched primarily to Americanos and often drink my coffee black.  I'll explain the reasons for that switch in the coming weeks.

I try to walk more.  I live in a fantastic neighborhood and plan to explore it more this summer.

So it's been a lot of little things.  I'm not swearing off any food that's "bad" for me.  This biggest change is the hour+ on the Wii Fit and that's mainly come at the expense of some time wasting on the net.

Where do I go from here?

Well, in a couple months, the summer will be here and once again, I'll be hauling 7, 50 pound water jugs up the stairs and out to the roof most days, so I may pick up the pace there. 

I was hoping to make 235 by the end of the month, but that might be pushing it. Here are my target weights for the next 12 months.
  • 2010-05-15: 230
  • 2010-06-30: 225
  • 2010-09-30: 215
  • 2010-11-25: 210 (Thanksgiving)
  • 2010-12-31: 220 (Holiday food it too awesome to worry about it)
  • 2011-03-30: 199
Does anyone else have a weight at or below what it says on their license?


Daisy said...

Congratulations on losing weight sensibly, and without giving up the foods you love! My Mommeh has been trying to lose the same 10# for years. Since she started her new job, she's already lost 8 pounds. A little bit of stress is good for that, I guess.

Keim said...

I was pleased a few weeks ago when I renewed my license and noticed I weighed what it said. 1st time thats ever happened.

That quickly changed to dismay when my 8 year old daughter asked to look at the license. "You don't look to different from this 8 year old picture, daddy." Really, how have I changed? "Well, you've got a goatee." This is good, I'm thinking. Then she adds "And your more wrinkly."


Shawna said...

Congrats on losing the weight! I weigh very close to what my driver's license says - I seem to stay about the same regardless of diet soda, skim milk, etc . . . Apparently all working out three times a week (average) is doing for me is helping me maintain . . . guess I need to add some more walking. And eat fewer of my hubby's homemade cinnamon rolls. LOL.

Good for you for doing it sensibly - it is hard to make drastic changes and stick to it . . . so this sounds smart and sustainable.

Cromely said...

@Daisy: Thanks. I actually put on my latest surge of weight in 1998 when I started a new job. I went from running around a store all day to sitting in a car for much of it.

@Keim: Heh. Shockingly frank, huh? I am concerned about increased wrinkles accompanying weight loss. Afterall, if there ends up being less to push them out...

@Shawna: Thanks. Mmmmm....Cinamon Rolls.

Keim said...

I've actually seen that happen. But it was a massive loss in weight, resulting in flabs of skin. Worth it, says I. Weight loss is worth the extra wrinkles.

Sharkbytes said...

That's awesome! Although I'm not a big person it gets harder and harder to not spread a bit, even with all the hiking I do. I'm now dealing with the effects of a too-sedentary winter, and can also manage to lose about 3 pounds a month. Dang! Got 10 to go. But the hiking will increase in May... hope that helps.

Hang in there.

cornyman said...

Stick to your self-set goals and you're on a good way. It's all about doing it and not only talking about "i should loose some weight", talking about "actions".

Have a great week!

Cromely said...

@Keim: Definitely a good point.It's a good trade.

@Sharkbytes: Good luck. I imagine extensive hiking would take off quite a bit. Or at least lead to those distinctive bicyclist/hiker calves.

@cornyman: Action is what matters. I never say I struggle with my weight because over the years we haven't stuggled at all. We roomed together quite agreeably.