Free Music for Bloggers and Fans

I mentioned Jamendo on Twitter a couple weeks back.  It's a pretty neat site.

Jamendo is a site where musicians share their music for free.  You can download thousands of tracks and albums from new artists and explore wide range of genres.

By free, I mean the music is available under a Creative Commons copyright.  Unlike traditional copyright, which reserves all rights to the owner (except, of course, the right to fair use, despite what some holders might claim), a Creative Commons copyright grants explicit rights to reproduce and reuse the content in many ways.

For example, you may recall my w00tstock! videos. At most concerts, you will be kicked out for recording the performances.  At w00tstock! they encourage you to record and post it -- for noncommercial purposes.

Most of the videos I post to YouTube I release under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

Most of the content on Jamendo is under a similar license.  That means you can download it for free, copy it for free, and share it with friends for free -- as long as you comply with the rather liberal copyright terms.

You can search by genre, country, license, and more.  When I was looking for some music from Japan for an upcoming blog post, I downloaded dozens of tracks from Jamendo until I found just the right one.  And I can use that in my projects without fear of a take down notice.  The other music I found will just go on my iPod.

If you are a blogger and looking for music for a post or project, check out the libraries on Jamendo.

If you are interested in the new wave of intellectual property and the social experiment of how new artists share their music with audiences around the world -- without a big music label making all the decisions, check out Jamendo.

If you just want to hear what is possible without a big studio, you guessed it, check out Jamendo.

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