Hiking Equipment -- alternate uses

I shop at REI from time to time. It's where I picked up my hiking/biking head light.

Those of you who don't know me, can easily imagine me covering miles at dawn.

Those of you who do know me are doubled over with laugher.

I use it primarily when I have to check on my plants after a trip.  Or when my vampiric tendencies render me hungry after dark.

Afterall, what better tool is there when you get the urge to fire up the grill at 11:00 PM?


MarcM said...

I am not doubling over with laughter. Never know when I need to BBQ in the dark ~~~. Good tip!

Admin T.H said...

nice I Had the headlight USD$10 for my dad.

Admin T.H said...

he went morning walk and fell in drain so early in morning 5.30am