Naked Self Confidence

Note:  Links in this post go to pictures of naked people.  You may need to sign in to your Flickr account to see them (If you don't have a Flickr/Yahoo account, you can open one here).  I don't know if that will encourage or dissuade you from clicking, but hey, the more you know...

The Fremont Solstice Parade happens every June in Seattle.  It's best known for one of its unofficial element -- the naked bike ride that leads it off.  Hundred of people don bike helmets and body paint to welcome the summer weather.  Or in the case of this year, the drizzle.  You can see all my pictures from this event here.

You can easily see different the different comfort levels some people have with their bodies.

Some people are comfortable enough just to don a full costume of paint and ride with friends.

Some are comfortable enough to ride by themselves.

Some will let loose their inner rebel pilot.

Some are willing to forgo most of the body paint.

Some are comfortable enough that if they are late and miss the starting point, they'll still enter the parade.

Some are comfortable enough to stand around in crowd of clothed people, chatting with their friends while wearing only body paint.

But it takes real confidence to sit down in a restaurant after the parade and have lunch while you enjoy your body paint.

Props to all those riders who entertained the thousands of onlookers.

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Unknown said...

OMG, I've been to the site.. interesting ... In Manila especially in UP they have this thing they call oblation run .. they run naked minus the paint...